Bijapur in north Karnataka is one of the places in Karnataka affected by drought often. But the shortage of water doesn’t affect the life of people in Bijapur since the government has initiated many plans and projects in this location to overcome the scarcity of water. Bijapur city municipal council ensures good and continuous water supply in Bijapur by its activities.

The Bijapur city has a population of about 3, 26,000 lakhs. The city municipal council has responsibility to provide water to all these people. There are three major sources of water in Bijapur from where water is being supplied to different areas in the city. Butnal impounding reservoir and Kolar impounding reservoir are two of the major reservoirs providing water to Bijapur city. Bijapur city municipal council manages the proper distribution of water pumped from reservoirs to the people.

The Butnal impounding reservoir in Bijapur located around 6 kilometers distant from the city has a capacity of 12,633 ML, while the Kolar impounding reservoir located 15 kilometers away from Bijapur city can store water up to 710 ML. an average of 7 MGD water is taken from these reservoirs to Bijapur city on a normal day.
For the effective distribution of water in Bijapur, the entire city has been divided into three major zones called Cowl bazaar zone, Mother tank zone, and Moka zone. The domestic water supply connection in Bijapur exceeds 20000 and non domestic water connections in Bijapur are around 1145 in number. The municipal corporation has implemented around 295 public taps in Bijapur city to supply water.